Are you feeling like it’s time to break barriers and make peace with the past?
What areas do you most need to develop? Is it overcoming fears, becoming confident, healing emotional wounds, establishing self worth, Are you itching to become confident through eliminating fear, anxiety and worry, especially worry about self-limiting beliefs and worry about what others may think?
Do you want to have an outstanding experience and overcome childhood wounds so that freedom becomes inevitable.
This drive that you have to better yourself and your life not everyone has this! Not everyone wants to better themselves and make that shift to a better place in life! So, well-done for honouring your desires.
What people are saying about Patricia Daly:
This past year has been mind-blowing completely changing my life”
— Jackie
“I love your work!”
— Jennifer
“I have learned so much thank you so much for sharing”
— Sandra
I worried about what others would think when I shared my own personal story about my “Outstanding Experience” that I had 14 years ago while visiting Medjugorje. It took some courage to share it and it’s YOUR response that has inspired what’s coming next…
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You will learn:

  1. How to direct your thinking, pay attention to the way you feel and have outstanding life experiences

  2. How positive affirmations and positive thinking … when that’s all you have…  only lasts until the next Negative thing happens

  3. How using music [Harp] as a healing modality during meditation is special​​​​​​​

  4. How to figure out your true purpose/your cause

  5. Why is it important to combine spirituality with your business and your life

If you’ve got any of the above concerns, as one of my most recent clients did, and you’re ready to make a shift, here’s the link to join our training call.

If you’ve been following my work for a while now and If you’re wondering, “Will this really work for ME?,” let’s TALK about YOUR hopes and dreams! What’s holding you back? I GUARANTEE you will manifest them when we put our heads together?

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Thursday Nov 2nd at 9.00 PM GMT


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