Have you ever felt that heart-felt yearning to do something brilliant with your life. You have a feeling in your heart, it’s speaking to you, it’s calling to you. It’s there and it will not go away! But something is stopping you …. It’s Self-sabotage!
From the numerous emails we have been receiving, about our recent The Elegant Empowered & Enlightened Woman Summit, we are honoured and delighted that our work has had such an empowering impact on shifting your perspective, and the way you think about…

Self-Sabotage, Self-Love and Self-Value.
Has it left you feeling absolutely AMAZING?? I’m still buzzing from all the lovely emails – thank you for them and keep them coming !!!
I’m currently researching and putting together a FREE TRAINING WEBINAR inclusive of SLIDES and HANDOUT WORKSHEETS which will be coming out over the next week or so..
Here is just a brief insight to the content I’ll be sharing in our FREE Webinar . . .
Strategies / Skills / Tips:
  1. Self worth: For many people, what they are looking for is self worth, meaning and fulfillment.
  1. Mindset: Change happens the moment we decide to change. Are you ready today to decide to change? It is a simple mindset but only you can make that decision. When you decide to change, you will be motivated to do what it takes… that could be eat the rights foods, to receive the right amount of rest, to create time in your schedule for an exercise program, and to try new things.
  1. Journalling: capturing your thoughts is to put your words in writing. Write down what you would like to accomplish in life. Think about it, then Write, and then the third step is to take action. It’s important to keep a journal. It’s important to keep a note of all of your creative ideas, all of your goals, and what you will do, in one place; You don’t want to just think about what you want to do, you want to write it down. Most importantly, you must translate those goals and thoughts into action by doing them.

— Resource: Allyson Lewis


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