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What is Elegant?

What is Empowered?

What is Enlightened?

What is The Elegant, Empowered & Enlightened Woman?

Welcome to an online series of over 21 interviews from Aspiring Leading Women From Around The World sharing their Authentic Personal Stories and Wisdom.  I’ve learned a lot from these 30-Minute discussions!


  • How to embrace your feminine essence and become: Confident, Classy And Beautiful From Inside Out.
  • Dignified: Wisdom: Advice: Classiness: Beauty are topics referred to throughout the interviews.

This interview series is your gift for FREE and will totally WOW you to bits!

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This 11-day event will include 2 featured interviews each day on topics of self love, empowerment, awakening, for the modern woman, building confidence and overcoming the obstacles that are keeping you enchained in fear and low self worth and so much more!

We can’t wait to have you join us!

Are you a magnificently, powerful woman who’s READY to celebrate inner and outer beauty in YOUR everyday life?


Warmly Yours


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