I want to share my story of how I built a business from my natural Gifts and Talents:
After my redundancy, when I was in my mid twenties, I was unable to find work and a close friend suggested using my gift of music to help bring in some cash to help pay the bills.
I Did Not Believe In Myself!
I was nervous about taking this quantum leap forward because I did not believe I could do it and I did not have a model to follow – eventually I just relaxed into it.
Here’s what I noticed:
New opportunities presented themselves and students  began to turn up for me.
As I settled into this new area of working so did my inspiration and motivation. I began to reach for “dreams” I recorded several CD’s completed a harp tutorial..guest appearances on live television and radio shows!
I joined personal and spiritual development programs  and completed University courses…
It’s no accident that I’m doing the work I’m doing today!
I found myself helping many students emotionally spiritually and also guiding them in the skills to set up their own small business using their gifts and talents and the wisdom I’d gained from my personal experience,
I discovered a similarity with those I worked with and myself:
Their journey was a mirror image of what my journey had been and my previous experiences were often the root of their learning and the guidance.
I was transforming them from their deepest struggles in life  – they would sit with me and chat for ages telling me about their problems and I’d always find solutions to help them through a transition into a peaceful place within and without!
What Is The Message in this anecdote?
Self-Transformational Coaching Has Naturally Been In My Blood My Whole Life!
— I wasn’t aware of it!

I have always taught and helped revive the Irish Harp, but what makes my work different is I use this creativity as a powerful tool for my client’s personal growth, their spiritual connection and their financial freedom.
Creativity is a tool that I weave into your pain-points and your struggles and find a solution to your problems.
There has never been a better time than now to turn your creativity into cash or business because now is a time of great opportunity – the internet has opened us to an international audience.

Working with your creativity, a.k.a. your natural gifts and talents is one of the most powerful tools that  I use to reach personal development and transformation in my clients today.

For me, it is extremely fulfilling to witness their progress!

Check Out These Students Below!

I Can Really & Truly Do This!”

“I feel surprised at my talent. I didn’t think i had the ability, even after years of doing drawing I thought that I had only a skill. I see that it is both talent AND skill. I am feeling very happy and pleased at the fact that I can really & truly do this.It opens up possibility. Doors seem to fly open”
— Suzette R.
It Is Constantly Uplifting And Useful!”
“I love your work! It is consistently uplifting and useful. You are wonderful” 
 — Betty B.

* [The names have been changed in these testimonials due to client confidentiality]

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